Get Your Business Listed With Us

Get Your Business Listed With Us

Kent Animal Services is working to build a more humane community. Our staff is dedicated to the animals of Kent and protecting their health and safety as well as our citizens when it comes to animal issues.

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In the past year there have been so many rescue shelters open to the public in Kent, so many choices and animal services to choose from. We have dedicated our time to trial out these different services to see which ones work to 100% of the animals needs.  Here at Kent Animal Services we believe in the 3 C’s

  • Committed
  • Care
  • Compassion

Businesses that are Committed to the animals welfare and well being. The level of Care that they supply for the animals and for the Compassion they show towards the animals they come across in their care.

Mission:    To make Kent a safer place for animals and owners feel safer about what service they choose to use.

If your business is not on our list and you feel it should be, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at