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Dog Ultrasound Scanning Kent

What is involved with our dog – cat pregnancy ultrasound service?

So you have a pregnant bitch, or you have had your bitch mated and you would like to confirm pregnancy.  We provide an all round service to help you, your family and your pet feel as  comfortable as possible and can provide a wealth of information so you know what to expect. Dog Ultrasound scanning Kent. Cat ultrasound scanning kent

The ultrasound scanner we use is safe and does not transmit radiation as it is all done by sound waves. The gel we use is also safe as it is water based so even if your pet cleans it off it doesn’t cause them or any potential puppies/kittens any harm.

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Even if you have a very nervous cat or dog, we will take the time to sit with them until they are comfortable, we will never pull them about or do anything to stress them out.

We like to help from the beginning to the end so we are always there for any questions you may have and will help as much as possible right through to whelping. Our scans are carried out by a veterinary trained ultrasound technician with insurance in place for your peace of mind.  Dog Ultrasound scanning Kent. Cat ultrasound scanning kent

We like to scan from approximately 28 days onwards as it is easier to confirm pregnancy.

So if you have had your bitch mated or think your pet could be pregnant then get in touch with us and we will help you as much as we can.

Call 07803322297

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